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GenomicDAO is a decentralized science platform that initiates, drives, and governs precision medicine research and development.

GenomicDAO permits the creation of precision drugs for all populations with a strong commitment to user privacy, ownership rights, and profit sharing.

Backed by the emerging biotech company Genetica and equipped with proprietary gene decoding technology, GenomicDAO aims to become the No.1 pioneer in delivering precision medicine benefits to underrepresented populations, such as Asians, Hispanics, and Africans.


Any community can drive any precision medicine initiatives at any cost.


GenomicDAO empowers billions of people to join forces as individual contributors to the advancement of precision medicine.


By construction, GenomicDAO permits the following values:


  • GenomicDAO is designed to allow any individual to start partaking in the cause of Precision Medicine. Users can choose to contribute their resources, such as funds or genetic data to the cause that is of their aligned interest.

  • The operating model breaks down the research and development process, significantly reducing the upfront costs to fund such initiatives, and allowing GenomicDAO to accelerate product development.


  • GenomicDAO is designed to utilize the genetic data acquired from end users purchasing our genetic products to make up for a comprehensive data pool that is fundamental to starting a precision medicine initiative.

  • As more and more people take up the cause, the commercialization of released genetic products allows the precision medicine initiative to scale and bring value to the mass while ensuring a continuous flow of genetic data for later stages.


GenomicDAO is designed to improve genetic diversity and inclusion by shifting our focus on currently underrepresented populations in clinical and genetic studies such as Asians, Hispanics, and Africans. In doing so, we are ensuring the applicability of research products, which is particularly significant for preventive medicine and precision medicine.

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