GenomicDAO | A Decentralized Autonomous Organization

GenomicDAO breaks free from the centralization of modern medicine R&D by establishing a community that initiates, drives, and governs precision medicine initiatives.

There is no central authority for the DAO model; instead, power is distributed across token holders who will collectively cast votes. All votes and activities through the DAO are posted on a blockchain, making all actions of users publicly viewable.

This approach lets “the people” decide what is in their best interest with respect to their healthcare, instead of management, advisory boards, and shareholders of traditional companies motivated by other factors.

People in GenomicDAO have skin in the game. By that, we mean they have a portion of their funds, genetic data, and healthcare-related dreams invested within the GenomicDAO and its capabilities. In other words, GenomicDAO’s participants share in the financial and medical benefits and successes, allowing them to further a flywheel effect whereupon their success fuels greater participation, expansion, discoveries, and profits.

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