How to become a Sale Advocate for GenomicDAO

Take the initiative to drive the future of healthcare

We are seeking a driven and enthusiastic individual to join our team as a Sales Advocate for our cutting-edge genetic testing product. This is an exciting opportunity to make a real difference in people's lives by helping them understand their health better and take proactive measures to improve it.

GenomicDAO Advocate Program


  • Represent our brand and product to potential customers

  • Achieve monthly sales targets through effective communication and relationship building

We Offer:

  • Competitive commission: at least 20% commission for each successful order

  • Hot sale bonus: +$600 when hitting $2000 in revenue

  • Privileged token slots: Hold tokens early for a leap of at least 5 times in profit

  • Comprehensive training and ongoing support to help you succeed

If you are interested in this exciting opportunity and believe you have what it takes to be a successful Sales Advocate, please send an email to We can't wait to hear from you!

Detail Guideline

How to earn commission

Step 1. Get a referral link from the Account > Referral Page and share your referral link with your friends.

Step 2. When your friend registers for a GenomicDAO account from your referral link, your friend would be recorded as your GenomicDAO referring friend.

Step 3. Your referring friend downloads Genetica mobile app and registers using the same email as the GenomicDAO account.

Step 4. Once your friend completes the purchase of G-Stroke Product (Decoding gene service for hereditary stroke screening), you will receive a 20% commission based on the total revenue.

User B doesn't use voucherUser B uses voucher

G-Stroke Original Price



G-Stroke Voucher



G-Stroke Final Price



Your commission (rate 20%)



Guide to buying G-Stroke (For your referring friends)

Please guide your referring friend to follow these steps to buy G-Stroke successfully. Especially, during "Post-Covid Stroke Prevention" Campaign, new register GenomicDAO member will receive a redeem code $45 off for G-Stroke.

  1. Click on GenomicDAO link (fill in your own referral link) & register GenomicDAO to earn $45 off redeem code for G-Stroke

  2. Download Genetica App through: Android, IOS

  3. Sign in by the email which has been used for GenomicDAO account

  4. Redeem code $45 off for G-Stroke: Select Account > Rewards > Gift code > Enter your redeem code and Submit. The voucher will appear on the list and be automatically applied when purchasing G-Stroke.

  5. Purchase G-Stroke on Genetica app:

    5.1. Choose [Shop] on the App. At Shop for, choose Yourself or Other to select who will take the genetic test

    5.2. Search G-stroke then Add to cart. In the cart, choose [Check out] to make payment, and add delivery information

-> Complete! You will receive the test kit, collect saliva and receive genetic test result after 4-6 weeks.

How to claim the commission

  • GenomicDAO provides PCSP tokens as the referral commission.

  • You can swap PCSP tokens for the equivalent USDT (Rate: 1 PCSP = $0.05 before public sale)

  • You can claim your PCSP tokens after our Public Sale - TBD

  • Commission would be paid monthly.


Q: Who can become Sales Advocate of GenomicDAO?

A: GenomicDAO welcomes everyone to become Sales Advocate of GenomicDAO

Q. Where can I view my referral link?

A: You can view your referral link via your Account/ Referral & Rewards.

Q. How could I download the Genetica mobile app?

A: Android, IOS

Q. Could I refer to another product instead of only G-Stroke?

A: You could refer other genetic products belonging to Genetica and receive the same commission.

Q. What is G-Stroke?

A: G-Stroke is a Genetic Testing Report provided by Genetica, which analyzes your genetic stroke risk and offers recommendations to personalize your lifestyle, proactively helping you to prevent stroke.

Q: What does G-Stroke include?

A: G-Stroke includes:

  • 1 Saliva Collection Test

  • Genes Decoding Report through Genetica App

Q: What are the benefits of G-Stroke (Genes decoding service for hereditary stroke screening)

A: Benefits of G-Stroke:

  • Pathogenic or likely pathogenic mutations that increase the risk of strokes

  • Provide in-depth knowledge about gene-related causes of Stroke

  • Recommendation to personalize lifestyle and proactively prevent stroke.

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